How To Grow Hair Faster For Men


This article is on how to grow out hair longer and faster with some scientific knowledge. I am going to give you a lot of base information to help growing out your hair. I am growing out my hair currently, not so much at the top because that is the length that I like, but growing out the sides so that can push them down and then embedding, create a fade up into that sort of push down classic look. It’s taking a bit of time, but I thought it was kind of poignant to talk about it since I’m going through it just like you.

The first thing is that every person is born with all their hair follicles at birth. Some of them are active, some of them are not. Why it looks like some people have more hair than others is that hair follicles have different phases of growth, and some are either active, or they’re resting. The next thing is that the average person grows about six inches of hair a year, some people can push that to about eight or nine inches. That is pre-genetically disposed of as hair follicles can grow to a certain length of the hair itself is too long and actually, sheds. But that is based on your genetics, and that itself can’t be changed.

Hair growth is sexually dimorphic so that means that women have the capacity to grow longer hair than men while men can grow long hair based on your genetics. It will stop after a certain point, which is kind of interesting when you think about it. Now for a lot of you guys out there, who are saying “Hey, I want to grow my hair to my shoulders, or do a top knot, or just have kind of like a longer flow” – that is a little bit harder for some of you. This is because your follicles are programmed to let go of the hair after a certain length. While you can’t necessarily change that, genetically speaking, you can affect how fast it grows.


So, some things to consider that would be to avoid UV damage from the sun because that will degrade the hair and break down the proteins in it. What you can do is wear a cap when you’re out or wear a hat. Dressed in a hat does not cause hair loss, that has been debunked several times over. Avoid heat styling tools as much as possible since the heat can fry or moisture boil the hair, which is not something you want to deal with. Taking supplements and having a healthy diet does make the difference regarding reflecting what’s on the inside- outside.

But for some of you thinking of going to the furthest extreme and doing something like hair transplant surgery it’s good to know that hair transplant surgery doesn’t make new hair grow. What it does is it takes follicles that are active at the back of your hairline probably (or most typically around your neckline), and they transfer it to the front to your scalp, and this will allow those follicles to just grow here as opposed to back there. As you get older, your hair starts to recede backward, and some of those follicles begin to die off or get into that telogen phase. And they don’t go into anagen phase again because once you’re in telogen, it reverts to growth; and then the cycle continues.


I would just avoid abrasive products. Use clarifying or exfoliating shampoos because you do not want to clog your hair follicles on your scalp. Unfortunately, hair scalp is something that a lot of people don’t talk about. And it’s a critical aspect of hair growth.