How To Last Longer In Bed For Men

How to last longer in bed and cure premature ejaculation forever?

If you last only for 2 minutes then she’s very quickly going to start to resent you for bailing out on her in the middle of an important act of your lovemaking. And even if she can’t articulate why this is what leads to women having what I call fukme or under fucked woman syndrome. Females are utterly freaking out about absolutely nothing due to lack of phallic shapes near in or around their vaginas leading to kataclysmic psychopathic moments of intense and troubling explosions of repressed sexual tension. Otherwise known as fukme (female utterly kataclysmic moments explosions).

Your well-fucked woman is your secret weapon. So when a woman is well-fucked, she uplifts every single part of your life. She’s supportive of you, she’s happy, she’s easygoing, she just flows. And on the contrary, if she’s not being well-fucked, she’s going to make you feel her pain in many ways. So be chronically bitchy, and she’ll nag at you. Men complain about their women who nag at them basically what they’re telling me is that they’re not fucking them well enough. She’ll undercut you in any way that she can and only in a special way than under fucked woman can.

So to build stamina, first of all, here’s what not to do. When you think that you’re about to cum, don’t think about football or something else that turns you off. I know this is a very old cliché, a way of thinking about not coming. Don’t do that. I mean it really doesn’t work, and it takes you out of the moment, and it’s not a long-term solution. So don’t try not to cum, don’t try to tighten your body or think hard about not coming or even stress about it. In fact, I want you to do the opposite. Don’t try not to come at all.

So here’s what to do instead. There are four steps to building stamina and be able to enter the legendary cock hall-of-fame. The first – practice. Coming quickly is a choice that becomes a habit. You have to retrain your body and your brain, and this takes practice. You actually have to rewire your neural pathways. You can practice alone through self-pleasuring or with your partner. And if you’re with your partner, let them know what you’re doing and ask for their support. I suggest practicing at least three to four times a week whether your solo or with your partner.

Pause. Pay attention to when you get to your orgasmic edge. So build towards orgasm just like you normally do, and when you get to about a seven out of ten (so 0  is non-arousal, 10 is full-blown orgasm), then you pause. The seven out of ten zones is where you’re close to the edge, but you’re not in danger of toppling over it. So you can see orgasm in the distance, but you aren’t quite there yet. So at this point you want to stop moving, thrusting, stroking, just pause and be still.

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