The Problem Of Small Penis

Time has come to talk about what you can do if your lover has a smaller penis. If he always worries about his penis size and you’re thinking “well, he’s on the smaller side.”

Because initial like that if it’s not a trust, it can ruin your sex life, it can impact your relationships. Because if it is not addressed, it means that there is any trust established. And this fear that he is going to be walking around, that he’s not good enough, will manifest in your relationship one way or another. So the core point – don’t tell him it is small. I can’t tell you how many men told me that one time in their life there was a woman, there was a lady, there was a man, who told them that he has a small penis and this thought like this will be stuck in their head. It’s not like your other regular words that come in into one ear and come out immediately from time to time.

Consider introducing sex toys. You know, the problem comes when there is not a lot of communication, and you feel ashamed and guilty, and embarrassed about your penis size, is that the woman feels that too, even if she thinks that your penis is perfectly normal, she will never have courage to bring up this topic of introducing sex stories into your relationship, because she would be so fearful of  destroying your ego, destroying your manhood even more,  even if there is the slightest possibility that she might not be happy with what you have. So she’s worried for you.

So take the initiative in your hands, give her gift of small vibrator for the clitoris and see how it’s going to go. If she doesn’t want to hurt you, take the initiative for yourself, because there is nothing greater for us women than seeing a man who embraces, and loves who he is.

Penis size is only a small and limited tunnel vision of sex. I want to invite you to view sex in the final vision. Penis size is not your masculinity. And I know that in the muscular culture and the culture of men where you’re competing who is stronger, who is better,  who is more intelligent, who is more successful, and when everything is this same constant, now it comes down to the size of your penis. “I have a bigger penis; I’m going to win. I’m better; I’m stronger, and I’m going to get a stronger woman and better woman”. It’s not true. And  I hope you really feel it in my voice and it helps you; it gives you permission to release it if you really want to. When it’s time for you to release this worry, you will. Otherwise, no matter what I just told you right now, you still turn the media off, and you still go back to the same anxiety, and the same worry, and shame you have been experiencing before you even read this article.